In the world of music and leisure, movie star relationships usually make headlines and capture the eye of most of the people. One such relationship that has been the discuss of the town is the rumored romance between Mac Miller and Ariana Grande. But are they really dating? Let's dive into the primary points and discover out.

Who are Mac Miller and Ariana Grande?

Before we bounce into the courting rumors, let's get to know the people involved. Mac Miller, whose actual name is Malcolm James McCormick, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Known for his introspective lyrics and unique style, Mac Miller gained reputation with hits like "Self Care" and "Donald Trump."

Ariana Grande, on the other hand, is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and actress. With her highly effective vocals and catchy songs, she has dominated the music industry. Ariana Grande has given us hits like "Thank U, Next" and "Side to Side."

The History of Mac Miller and Ariana Grande's Relationship

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande first collaborated in 2013 on the music "The Way," which was an enormous success. At the time, they were simply pals and fellow musicians. However, over time, their friendship blossomed and rumors of a romantic relationship started to circulate.

In 2016, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande went public with their relationship. They had been usually seen together at events, concert events, and even purple carpet appearances. Their social media accounts had been filled with cute photos and sweet messages for one another.

The Breakup and Mac Miller's Tragic Death

Despite their seemingly sturdy bond, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande called it quits in 2018. They launched a joint statement, citing busy schedules and a mutual determination to concentrate on their careers as the reasons for the breakup. Fans had been heartbroken, as they had grown to like the couple and their chemistry.

Tragedy struck later that year when Mac Miller tragically passed away due to a drug overdose. The information shocked the world, and Ariana Grande was devastated by the loss. She took to social media to express her grief and shared heartfelt tributes to her late ex-boyfriend.

Ariana Grande's Relationship with Pete Davidson

Following her breakup with Mac Miller, Ariana Grande discovered love again within the arms of comedian Pete Davidson. The couple started dating in May 2018 and obtained engaged simply weeks after. Their whirlwind romance was everywhere in the tabloids, and Ariana and Pete couldn't hold their arms off one another in public.

However, the relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson was short-lived. They called off their engagement and break up in October 2018. Again, the world watched as Ariana went by way of another public breakup.

Mac Miller's Influence on Ariana Grande's Music

Throughout their relationship and even after his passing, Mac Miller had a profound affect on Ariana Grande's music. She paid tribute to him in her music "ghostin," where she sings about her struggle to maneuver on from the loss. The heartfelt lyrics touched the hearts of followers, and plenty of believed it to be a homage to Mac Miller.

Are Mac Miller and Ariana Grande Dating Now?

After the tumultuous relationships and heartbreaking circumstances, fans have been questioning if Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are courting once more. While there have been speculations and rumors, neither get together has confirmed or denied these claims.

It's essential to keep in thoughts that celebrities deserve their privateness, and it is ultimately their choice whether or not they wish to share their private lives with the public. So, until we hear in any other case from Mac Miller or Ariana Grande themselves, it is all simply hypothesis.


The query of whether Mac Miller is dating Ariana Grande continues to be a topic of interest for most people. Their past relationship and the tragic lack of Mac Miller have left fans eager for solutions. While we might by no means know for sure what the longer term holds, it's evident that each Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have left an indelible mark on one another's lives and in the music business.

As we navigate the world of superstar gossip, let's bear in mind to respect their privateness and concentrate on having fun with the art they create. Whether they're relationship or not, we are in a position to appreciate the impact they've had on one another's lives and the music they've given us.


1. Are Mac Miller and Ariana Grande in a relationship?

As of 2019, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande weren't in a relationship. They dated for almost two years from 2016 to 2018, but they finally broke up. However, it is very important observe that Mac Miller passed away tragically in September 2018.

2. How did Mac Miller and Ariana Grande meet and begin dating?

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande first met in 2012 once they collaborated on the track "The Way." At the time, they have been just friends. However, in 2016, rumors began circulating that they had been dating after they were seen spending lots of time together and displaying affectionate behavior in public. Later that yr, Ariana confirmed their relationship during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

3. Did Mac Miller's relationship with Ariana Grande impact his music?

Mac Miller's relationship with Ariana Grande undoubtedly had an impact on his music. The two artists often collaborated on one another's songs, and their relationship impressed lyrical content in plenty of tracks. Mac Miller's album "The Divine Feminine" was heavily influenced by their love, as it explored themes of romance and sexuality. Additionally, after their breakup, Mac launched his album "Swimming," which many believed reflected the emotions he skilled during the finish of their relationship.

4. Are there any collaborations between Mac Miller and Ariana Grande after their breakup?

After their breakup, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande did proceed to collaborate on music. Ariana Grande featured on Mac Miller's track "Dang!" from his album "The Divine Feminine" in 2016. However, it's worth noting that this collaboration was recorded before they ended their relationship. Following Mac Miller's passing, Ariana released the song "Thank U, Next," which was seen as a tribute to her earlier relationships, including her time with Mac Miller.

5. How did Mac Miller and Ariana Grande's relationship end?

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande's relationship led to May 2018. The breakup was reportedly amicable, with both events acknowledging that their work schedules and personal struggles made it tough to maintain a healthy relationship. They remained friends after the breakup, and Ariana expressed her help for Mac Miller's sobriety journey. Tragically, Mac Miller handed away a number of months later in September 2018, which deeply impacted Ariana and their fans.

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