Toula Portokalos: Ma, Dad is so persistent

Maria Portokalos: Without a doubt some thing, Toula. The man is the lead, although girl is the neck. And she will be able to change the head in whatever way she desires.

Toula Portokalos: I'd to go to Greek college or university, where I discovered rewarding courses for example, "If the Nick enjoys one goat and you may Maria enjoys nine, just how soon commonly they marry?"

Gus Portokalos: You know, the underlying of phrase Miller is actually a Greek phrase. Miller come from the brand new Greek keyword "milo," which is indicate "apple," generally there you go. As many of you see, our very own term, Portokalos, are come from the new Greek term "portokali," and therefore suggest "orange." Therefore, okay? Here this evening, you will find, ah, apple and you will lime. Each of us some other, however in the conclusion, each of us fresh fruit.

Sis Voula: [ so you can Ian's parents ] Now, you are relatives. Okay. The living, I had a lump in the rear of my shoulder, here. Usually, a lump. However been menopause together with swelling got bigger on the "hormonees." They visited develop. Therefore i check out the doctor, and he performed the brand new biography. the b. new. the fresh bios. the. b. the "bobopsy." During the swelling he found pearly whites and a back. Yes. Inside lump is actually my dual.

Toula Portokalos: You'll find around three items that all of the Greek girl have to do within the life: get married Greek guys, create Greek kids, and you may supply men.

Maria Portokalos: Toula, on my relationship night, my personal mommy, she considered me, "Greek female, i bs regarding home, however, we are tigers throughout the bed room."

Nikki: Ma!

Nick Portokalos: I have not witnessed my personal cousin which pleased, Ian. For people who harm the woman, I shall kill both you and allow it to be seem like a major accident.

Toula Portokalos: So, what the results are was my dad and you may uncles, it struggle more whom gets to eat the lamb brain. And my sister Voula forks the fresh eyeball and chases me personally as much as inside, try to get me to consume it, 'cause it is browsing generate myself smart. Just twenty-seven very first cousins alone! And you will my personal entire family is huge and noisy. And everyone is within for each and every other people's existence and you will company. Non-stop! Such as, you do not have only one minute alone, only to consider, 'Cause we have been usually with her, only dinner, eating, food! The only other people we know was Greeks, 'cause Greeks get married Greeks so you can reproduce far more Greeks, becoming loud reproduction Greek eaters.

Nick Portokalos: Don't let the earlier in the day dictate who you are, however, let it be part of the person you might be.

Gus Portokalos: Kimono, kimono, kimono. Ha! Definitely! Kimono is come from this new Greek keyword himona, is suggest cold temperatures. Therefore, exactly what do your wear from the wintertime to stay warm? A robe. You see: gown, kimono. Around you go!

Nick Portokalos: Pay attention, you know. I really consider you really need to state: eho tria orchidea. This means: group, why don't we are in our house. In my opinion everybody will truly like it.

Toula Portokalos: Could you be joking? Any next today he's gonna consider me personally and you may wade, "Ha. Yeah, proper, you will be very not really worth so it."

Gus Portokalos: Zero. But somebody would state so you're able to her: just take so it purse down seriously to new coach depot, and she's going to do it!

Maria Portokalos: [ frustrated ] What? That which you suggest? We run the brand new cafe, I plan, We clean, We tidy to you personally *and* We improve around three children *and* I train Sunday school, you know? It’s happy personally I've one to link my sneakers!

Yianni: Ian, if you find yourself gonna be in this household members, I have you some earplugs given that Portokalos female, when they not irritating someone. It Die!

Ian Miller: I understand this excellent put. Zorba some thing. anyway, I would personally love to elevates truth be told there if you'd like to wade.

Toula Portokalos: [ Viewing the woman cousins walk into the fresh new cafe arguing ] My cousins provides a couple amounts; Loud and you will Louder!

Toula Portokalos: When i is actually broadening right up, We realized I became various other. The other female was blond and you may sensitive, and i is actually a good swarthy six-year-dated with sideburns.

Toula Portokalos: [ narrating ] My dad thought in 2 some thing: One to Greeks would be to educate low Greeks regarding are Greek and every problem regarding psoriasis to help you poison ivy shall be recovered that have Windex.

Toula Portokalos: Oh I don't know. Basically had live an old women butt-kicking I would personally must feature about any of it.

Gus Portokalos: Promote me a phrase, any keyword, and i also direct you that cause of you to phrase is actually Greek.

Toula Portokalos: Sweet Greek women who don't come across a husband, are employed in the family bistro. Therefore here I am, day after day, year after year, 30 and you can means earlier my termination go out.

I experienced to drop Dimos where you work. And then, I gotta go discover the fresh new travelling company, since, you are sure that, some jag-out-of along with his big-butt spouse are too active.

Angelo: Ma! Tell the woman I start the brand new lifeless cleansers every single day, and i also think it is time she performed one thing getting good alter.

Nikki: Pardon me? Have you any idea who may have in the inactive cleaner this morning? My husband is at the brand new dead vacuum cleaner!

Toula Portokalos: [ regarding the her cousin ] My cousin Nick has actually a couple work: for cooking, and wed good Greek Virgin.

Gus Portokalos: Oh, Mrs. Light! You can see my mommy *again*! You are aware, she come from Greece. The world I come out of too.

Mrs. White: [ disrupting ] Having God's purpose, I know! Tune in, keep your mother off my grass, out-of my basement

Toula Portokalos: [ narration ] My family is big and you will loud but these are generally my children. We challenge and then we lb towards a spit in the front lawn. And you can wheresoever I-go, anything I do they will always be here.

Toula Portokalos: [ Watching the lady sister are in the latest restuarant together with her infants ] My personal brother elizabeth an excellent Greek Baby Reproduction Host!

Toula Portokalos: [ narrating ] I told my personal grandma the war are over, but she nonetheless slept that have a blade under the girl support.

Very, you have a couple cousins, I have twenty seven very first cousins

Sibling Voula: Toula. Toula! You will be involved. You might be engaged-I never envision this would happen for you. Never. *Never.* Taki, don't i declare that.

Toula Portokalos: Sweet Greek female are meant to perform about three something in life: wed Greek males, make Greek kids, and you will supply someone. before day we pass away.

Mike: [ Making Dance Zorba's ] Come on, let us wade, I'm providing a pop music quiz and that i can not hold off to listen the latest groans!

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