When Lindsay was voted off of the island and you can goes toward Playa Des Losers, they remain its matchmaking once more

When Lindsay gets call at brand new dodgeball game and treks back on seats, Tyler waves from the the woman and you may she surf back, until they catches the eye away from Heather, whom intentionally throws a golf ball within Tyler. Later on, Tyler strikes Lindsay on the deal with which have a dodgeball by accident. Abreast of observing, the guy shouts aside and you can operates to aid their upwards. When she recovers, he informs the woman one to she however looks great (even when the lady face are greatly bruised,) after which requires Lindsay in the event the she really wants to go for good go. She agrees, and the one or two drop-off for the rest of the problem.

Whenever Heather later comes to locate them, she grabs him or her under the pier, due to Lindsay's giggling. Tyler got a kayak tossed on your so you're able to disturb their second, and one another have been split because of the their bossy frontrunners on the other individuals of your own episode. Since that time Vietnamese adult dating sites, they'd started conference inside wonders while the Heather don't want Lindsay viewing Tyler and you will Courtney failed to need Tyler enjoying Lindsay. Up to now, each other groups was afraid that Tyler and you may Lindsay will give away for each others' team's faults, supplying the opposing class top of the give. Lindsay create are not bail on her alliance responsibilities becoming which have Tyler, despite Heather's arguments.

Nearly Greatest

Lindsay blows Tyler a hug along side stands. Tyler captures it and you will winks within the woman. Lindsay grins and circumstances affectionately so you can your, but sees you to definitely Heather might have been blazing within the lady, therefore she nervously sets this lady give behind her right back. Lindsay belongs to observe Gwen to make certain she isn't to things. Lindsay gets tired of this lady task very quickly, even though viewing with her binoculars, observes Tyler, that is being limited of the good yo-yo. She takes extra attention so you can their ass, enjoying it as the only real fascinating topic here.

At some point, Lindsay pursues Tyler in addition they in some way end up being tied together, making out in the bathroom in which Heather and you can Courtney commonly appearing. Later on you to definitely go out, Bridgette attempts to handstand for twenty minutes, but their stomach becomes uncomfortable and you may she starts to barf every-where. She after that slips and lands when you look at the Tyler's arms. Lindsay runs from inside the regarding side and yells on Bridgette so you can "puke on her own date," of course jealous on world though there was indeed no close effects at all between Bridgette and you can Tyler. Whether or not she actually is cends this lady past statement by claiming you to definitely she never actually told you the term "boyfriend."

Fear Factor

When Tyler are voted away from, Lindsay does not carry it because difficult because so many people manage. All she does it blow him a kiss so long in the confessional, and you can states you to she will remember the day along with her. She happen to messes upwards their name, calling him Taylor in advance of fixing herself.

Haute Camp-ture

Tyler is visible with Lindsay standing on his lap within beginning of the event, while they're becoming interviewed by Chris. Lindsay covers exactly how she's willing to feel that have Tyler once more. They hug, although this woman is still puzzled about and that rv is Tyler. She after asks the majority of people, also Eva and you can an eskimo, if they're Tyler. Later on, in the event that got rid of travelers is resting along with her because of the pond so you can vote of somebody, they are seen carrying give.

The past Event, Very!

From inside the a broad-display test of everybody celebrating Owen's earn, Lindsay and Tyler can be seen making out and you may cheerful at each almost every other throughout the history. When individuals delays having Chris provide Owen the past marshmallow, Lindsay and Tyler is visible cheerful at each and every almost every other. In the Gwen's conclude, Lindsay cries into Beth when you find yourself Tyler unhappily watches Lindsay.

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